Living Without Computer Support

Most people that have owned a computer have had some sort of issue with it. Many problems can be fixed simply, with limited computer knowledge, while others require some assistance from Network Associates. Without computer support, it may be very difficult, if not impossible, to fix the problem. Whether your computer has contracted a virus, your software won’t install right, or any other host of issues, having support is vital. Living without it may prove to be very difficult indeed.

Not only is hard for the typical computer owner to not have support, but it is a much bigger issue for businesses. The computer networking associated with most businesses can be very vulnerable without some kind of support. Everyone at that particular place work off of the same network. Say it gets hit with some sort of virus. Not only is one person’s computer going to be infected, but the entirety of the computer network will be compromised. Having network support from¬†could mean the difference in a business completely shutting down or not.

For the general public, there are several support features offered by Network Associates. The company distributes some of the most well known support programs available. Often, people will go to websites they think are completely safe. Sometimes, this doesn’t turn out to be the case. Spyware and adware can lead to multiple issues that can either slow your computer down or bring it to a screeching halt. Without security measures in place, your computer is basically a sitting duck waiting to become infected. Having support may not eliminate all of the threats being posed to your computer, but they can drastically cut down on the risk involved. Support can pinpoint problems and show you what programs and sites could possibly contain something harmful. It may not happen today, tomorrow, or next year, but a computer without support will eventually encounter a problem that you might not be able to fix.

With all of the options available for computer support at, not having it should not be an option. There are new viruses and harmful programs popping up everyday. It’s just a matter of time before you come across one. Having computer support is your first line of defense against these types of things. Especially when it comes to a business running off of the same computer network, not having support is dangerous. It makes life more difficult than it should be.

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