Living With Erosion

Controlling Erosion On Your Property.
If you have land, even a small amount, you may have to worry about controlling erosion once in a while. If you live in an area near a body of water, this may be a bigger concern for you than for someone else, but most property can be damaged by some type of water or wind erosion. If you know how to counteract some of the reasons that erosion is taking place, you can the save the beauty and even the function of your property in the long run. If you grow plants, these issues can really cause huge problems in production and function.

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Erosion can wear away top soil. Without the top soil nothing will grow. This means that your grass is not going to grow, will turn brown, and will die, if there is any there to begin with. The wind can erode your soil away as quickly as your water problems can. There is not as much you can do about wind erosion as you can water, but if you take the time to plant some trees in strategic areas on your property, they can tame the wind, in a way, so that it is not beating on your top soil. That is just one way in controlling erosion for wind, but it also helps with water erosion.

For controlling erosion of water, there are small things that you can do to make it better. One problems some homes have is water that runs out of drainage pipes and gutters after a heavy rain. If this is falling straight down onto one spot on your lawn, that grass is going to suffer and the ground is going to start to erode with each heavy rain or storm. Not only that, but this can lead to foundation damage as well. Instead of allowing this to continue, find extensions for pipes and gutters that disperse the water in a way that it runs off harmlessly over grass that holds the soil down where it belongs.

Controlling erosion on a large scale make take a bit more work and imagination. If you have water that runs off in specific patterns in a larger area when it rains, erosion is going to be the result. Instead of allowing this to go on, you may have to dig a ditch or even reform a creek so that it flows where you want it to go. By widening a small flow of water, you can avoid mini flash floods that wash over the same area of your property time and time again. This takes more work than buying a few gutter extensions, but it is well worth the effort.

If you have erosion problems on a larger scale, and it is effecting your livelihood, you may want to call in the professionals to help you with controlling erosion with Those that farm for a living can have trouble with water and wind erosion, and the problems are usually complex enough that they require someone to help that knows how to go about getting things under control. There will most definitely be a fee involved, but you should make that back soon enough as you enjoy better profits and better yield once the issue is resolved.

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