Living With Caffeine

The Different Sources of Caffeine.
Many people have used caffeine as a way of improving their mental alertness during times when they are experiencing a lack of sleep or fatigue. As a matter of fact, Caffeine is quite suitable for the body if taken in small doses each day. Additionally, you do not have to drink coffee every day to get your caffeine fix. If you do not know it yet, there are many different possible sources for caffeine that you can try out, especially if you do not like the bitter taste of coffee.

Life is good living with caffeine, but even better living with gourmet coffee. Green tea is one of the best alternatives for coffee as your best source of caffeine because it may contain just the same amount of caffeine in a cup of tea. As a bonus to drinking green tea, it is also an excellent source of antioxidants, help lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and lower the risk of different cardiovascular conditions.

Chocolate is not only a reliable source of caffeine but also a particularly delicious one. Combined with the sugar content of most chocolates, not only does chocolate perk you up, it can also induce a sense of happiness and pleasure. It can also have positive health benefits to the circulatory system. However, consuming too much can lead to excess fat in the body, or obesity. To maximize your chocolate consumption, and minimize its negative effects, make sure you eat dark chocolate. It has more caffeine but less sugar.

Cola drink is also a possible source of caffeine. This is because the kola nut, which gives this carbonated drink its unique taste, also contains caffeine. As a matter of fact, when colas were new in the market, they were even touted as energy boosters. However, apart from the effects that caffeine has on the body, there is little nutritional value for the cola drink. They are essentially made of water, and sugar which if you drink too much, can also lead to notable weight gain and may even have even more adverse effects like tooth decay and diabetes.

Slightly similar to Colas are energy drinks. These beverages are specifically meant to give the person drinking it a boost in their alertness and physical energy. Some of these drinks may even have more caffeine than your average cup of coffee. It may also contain lots of sugar and other stimulants to get the desired effect. This product is particularly popular to young men where in professionals and students would use it to stay up all night to finish projects or school papers, respectively.

While there are many different alternatives and sources of caffeine other than your usual cup of joe, you should not be limited by these common choices however. You can always buy caffeine powder in bulk online if you need a more regular and maintained dosage of caffeine. The powdered caffeine, you can add it into almost any beverage you desire and still get that mental and physical boost that you have been looking for. Remember, as long as you limit your use to the recommended daily intake, you get the full benefits of caffeine to the body, each and every time.

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