Living With A New Shower

Maintaining Your New Shower Bath.
When it comes to maintaining the looks and performance of your new shower bath, it’s all about cleanliness. Your shower bath will look its best when it’s sparkling clean – and for bathroom cleaning you can choose to use either standard cleaners or eco-friendly products that may also be better for your own health.

Some heavy-duty bath cleaners recommend working with a window open for ventilation and using gloves to protect your hands from the harsh chemical cleaning agent. If you prefer to take care of your health and usually eat a healthy diet, enjoy regular exercise, and try to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, then why should your cleaning regime be the one area where you come into contact with harmful chemicals?

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We’re all exposed to a lot of unnecessary chemicals each day. Most conventional cleaners also contain a range of petroleum-based chemicals, phosphates, phthalates and/or chlorine bleach. Even by simply opting for a bathroom cleaner that’s free of artificial fragrance, you can make a stand. The descriptor ‘parfum’ on the ingredients label covers a huge range of individual synthetic chemicals that are mixed up to create the product’s ‘lemon fresh’ scent – yet none of these ingredients has been anywhere near a real, fresh lemon. Which is a shame, really, because lemon juice is actually a pretty good natural cleansing agent, and you don’t have to wear protective gloves in order to touch it.

As more and more people become sensitised to chemicals in cleaning products and from other sources, perfume-free alternatives are being made more widely available in high street shops and supermarkets as well as online.

Look out for ranges of cleaning products which are better for your health and the health of our planet. Brands such as Ecover are free of unnecessary chemicals and use more natural ingredients to do their job. By following this idea a little further, you could find that you can save yourself time and money by dispensing with packaged cleaning products altogether and learning about the cleaning properties of regular household items such as lemon juice, white vinegar, and baking soda.

Lemon juice and baking soda make a powerful combination for cleaning a stubbornly dirty bath, while you can use vinegar (not the chip shop kind, unless you really love the small!) to clean and bring a shine to your chrome fittings. And cleaning your shower bath with a chemical-free cleansing agent, whether you’ve bought it in a shop or concocted it yourself, is surely better than spending your time up to the elbows in unnecessary chemicals?

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