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Cost of Living in Peru.
While Peru is probably not the first country on your list of potential destinations in your retirement there is no doubt that the Peru of today is very different to that of 20, 30 or 50 years ago. This is an area of the world which is often shrouded in controversy with drugs, violence and corruption frequently in the headlines. However, the Peru of today is very different to that often portrayed in the press, but what is the potential for the future?

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Peru economy

The economy of Peru is actually the 42nd largest in the world and even at this stage it is still seen as an emerging economy which is overly dependent at the moment upon exports. However, if you consider the strength of economy at the moment and the potential for the future it soon becomes very apparent that this is a country with massive potential. Peru has very strong trading relationships with the United States of America, China, Brazil and Chile which has helped to increase the standard of living for many people in the country.

Property in Peru

When you consider the headline figure that property prices in Peru have tripled since 2006, even taking into account the 2009/10 worldwide economic downturn, you could be forgiven for believing that the best is possibly behind the country. However, many experts believe that this revaluation of Peruvian property is very much in its early stages and with demand still very buoyant there are high hopes for 2010, 2011 and beyond.

In the short term you may see some consolidation in the property sector as previously unsold developments come back online and the backlog of unsold properties filters its way through the system. However, there appears to be more than enough demand for existing and future properties in Peru which bodes well for the future.

Living costs in Peru

As you might expect, the cost of living in Peru is only a fraction of many of the developed countries around the world although there has been an increase of late. The consumer price index is just 41% of that in New York, the retail price index just 18%, groceries index 48%, restaurant Index 34% with local purchasing power a mere 41%.

However, even though the cost of living in Peru has increased in general over the last few years, poverty is still a major problem and one which the authorities are addressing. As with any area of the world, it will depend upon your budget, where you choose to live and your lifestyle as to what your own personal cost of living may be, although there is something to accommodate every budget.


Like so many countries in South America and Central America, Peru is often a victim of historic problems which tend to cloud the minds of people looking for a new home land. However, the Peru of today is very different to that of a decade ago and the ongoing developments within the economy are attracting more and more expats and more and more international businesses. Check out if you are considering traveling to Peru.

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