Discover A Dedicated Hosting Solution

A website with little downtime, high security, room to grow and the freedom to do so is an e-business owner’s dream. E-business owners can do that and far more with dedicated server hosting from In simple terms, a dedicated server host allows one to purchase or rent an entire server. This gives one control over the site bandwidth allocation, server operating system, hardware specifications and custom web installation. For those who are not qualified, do not have the time or the training to perform such a task as server maintenance, server backups and software installation there is managed dedicated servers. One receives all the benefits of dedicated server hosting with the bonus of having trained professionals deal with the maintenance, updates and more. The question remains is dedicated server hosting too good to be true. The benefits speak for themselves.


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Discover Your Disaster Solution

Disaster recovery-as-a-service, frequently referred to as DRaaS, is a set of processes provided through third-party vendors such as VaultScape. The goal is to help enterprises develop and implement disaster recovery plans. A growing number of DRaaS services have emerged in recent years. This is primarily due to the fact that many companies have suffered major adverse affects regarding data loss.

There is also an emerging model of DRaaS delivery through the cloud. Managed service providers now offer cloud backup as a way for clients to gain the many advantages that cloud computing offers, such as eliminating certain infrastructures while lowering usage-based costs. It’s important to find a provider that can deliver uninterrupted service, particularly during a disaster recovery instance.

With cloud recovery, data and applications still remain on-premises. However, data is backed up in the cloud and then restored onto the user’s hardware when disasters occur. Basically, cloud backed… Continue reading

Discover Information About Yourself

computerDIY Background Searches – Finding Information Yourself Without Hiring a Professional.

If you are a parent, or dating, or simply moving into a new neighborhood, there are a great deal of questions that you may want the answers to. This article will attempt to teach you to find the answers to those questions on your own, without the cost of a professional service or investigator. Using the marvel that is today’s Internet, you can find almost all the information that a professional can, if you are willing to devote a little time and energy, AND you know where and how to look!

This article will provide a much more in depth look at how to find information about persons of interest than simply typing their name into Google. You will be shown how to find information on criminal records, financial records and civil records, as well as a brief introduction… Continue reading

Can You Live Without A Data Backup

backupHow To Use Cloud For Data Backup And Recovery.

Cloud helps you in storing your huge amount of data in a virtual storing space from where it can be accessed as needed. It has resolved issues faced by organizations in storing the stream of data generated every day. The cloud storing space is flexible and expandable so you can adjust its size as the volume of stored data increases. This has helped organizations in lowing capital expenses (as it involves no initial capital investment) and made more fund available for operational expenses.

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Creating a backup plan for your mission critical data using cloud based technology has certain advantages which have made it a viable option for enterprises.

•It has paved ways for Geo-distribution of data and lowered regional risks of data loss.
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Living Without Computer Support

Most people that have owned a computer have had some sort of issue with it. Many problems can be fixed simply, with limited computer knowledge, while others require some assistance from Network Associates. Without computer support, it may be very difficult, if not impossible, to fix the problem. Whether your computer has contracted a virus, your software won’t install right, or any other host of issues, having support is vital. Living without it may prove to be very difficult indeed.

Not only is hard for the typical computer owner to not have support, but it is a much bigger issue for businesses. The computer networking associated with most businesses can be very vulnerable without some kind of support. Everyone at that particular place work off of the same network. Say it gets hit with some sort of virus. Not only is one person’s computer going to be infected, but the… Continue reading

Living in the Cloud

Business in the Cloud.
In his excellent book, Big Switch – Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google, Nicholas Carr refers to the Internet and the contemporary use of technology as the World Wide Computer. He arrives at this definition because today, using something as simple as a cell phone – or even a hand held entertainment device like an iPod – you can connect to the Internet and use shared computing resources that even a decade ago were unavailable and 2 decades ago virtually unimaginable.

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Today, the catch phrase for this phenomenon is computing in the cloud. Cloud computing combines computation power, software, data access and storage, as well as the technologies that combine them, into an accessible and usable resource. The user doesn’t need to know what the underlying technology… Continue reading

Living With ISDN?

ISDN PRI’s are just one way to hand off a digital voice interface. This is where the signal begins or ends its long journey across the IP frontier. Although the newer VoIP circuits are offering services to businesses, I believe it will be a long time before you hear the last from our digital friends.

PRI is an acronym for Primary Rate Interface. An interface is the edge…the last part of something before that something isn’t “something” anymore. So, in this case, a ISDN PRI is the last part of a digital circuit delivering voice services, or phone lines. The interface plugs into your phone system and voila!, you have much more than you were used to. No more fixed lines that did nothing when they weren’t in use. Now, instead, those lines turn into internet service while they aren’t in use. No more limitations to the amount of phone… Continue reading